Young and Successful Before 40

Getting Your Business Started

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Love Me or Hate Me: My Journey From Motivation 2 Elevation


Mr. Arian Tyson

Meet the author Karesha Worford, God fearing mother , growing up she aspired for greatness and always wanted her own business. Both her parents were business owners at some point. Her mother owning a daycare and her father having a auto shop, buying houses, running a restaurant, two bars, and home improvement.

She was born and raised in the capital of Kansas (Topeka, Ks). Graduating from Topeka High School she decided to stay in Topeka with her family and start taking up college courses at Washburn University. After months of soul searching Karesha decided to move to Kansas City. Graduating soon with a Business degree. Karesha desires to network and empower the masses. That’s when she gave birth to Young and Successful Before 40.

Mr. Arian Tyson


The book Young and Successful Before 40 : Getting Your Business Started is a way to create a dialogue that come along with either starting a business and running your business. Focusing on keeping a positive mindset when it comes to running your business and gaining more customers.

Author Karesha Worford can remember when she felt as though it wasn't easy to get a business started. Things like fear and anxiety was one of the key factors that keep her from launching. Also coming up with the sense of her purpose. Once she started her Network Organization she came across people that was willing to help her get through these issues. She decided to write about some of the obstacles she faced on her journey and the principles she learned riding the Entrepreneurial Rollercoaster.

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